Once I put in a screw with a dry wall anchor screw, can I remove the screw and replace the screw without ruining the anchor?

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I want to mount plumbing pipe on dry wall as a curtain rod. I have dry wall anchor screws. The style of curtain I have will require me to remove the bracket from the wall to be able to take the curtain down (to wash it). Once I put the screws in with the anchors, can I remove the screws later without ruining the anchors?

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I don't know where you are, so while products examples mentioned are sourced in North America, they are widely available under different names.

My first and best idea is to use a rod that doesn't require you to unscrew anything, like this: Closet pole sockets

Next would be hollow wall anchors that unscrew gracefully: Hollow wall anchors

Last best would be screw in anchors: EZ Ancor twist/lock

(edit to add...) The bad thing about these is that they can come out with the screw if the connection between the drywall isn't great. (In other words, if they're put in badly, they can spin out.) (Thanks to @batsplatsterson for reminding me of this.)

Aloysius Defenestrate
Aloysius Defenestrate
October 24, 2015 15:29 PM

Replace the plastic anchors with small wing bolts. If you have to remove the pipe again, don't worry about losing the wing part of the bolt since it will drop down inside the wall. Just use another wing bolt when you reattach the pipe. There is the added benefit of a superior attachment vs plastic anchors that usually get loose and fail. Nash Stephens

Nash Stephens
Nash Stephens
October 16, 2019 04:07 AM

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