Old Raid1 working on new Ubuntu Server install?

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I recently did a fresh install of Ubuntu Server 18.04 over my old 16.04 install. I had a Raid1 config in my old setup, which I administered through mdadm. It seems as if my Raid1 config is still present in the 18.04 install (see below).

loop0   squashfs           86.9M /snap/core/4917   
loop1   squashfs             87M /snap/core/5145   
sda                        57.6G                   
├─sda1                        1M                   
└─sda2  ext4               57.6G /                 
sdb                         1.8T                   
└─sdb1  linux_raid_member   1.8T                   homeserver:0
  └─md0 ext4                1.8T /media/raiddrives 
sdc                         1.8T                   
└─sdc1  linux_raid_member   1.8T                   homeserver:0
  └─md0 ext4                1.8T /media/raiddrives 
sdd                       931.5G                   
└─sdd1  ext4              931.5G                   
sr0                        1024M                   

My question is: What do I need to do in order to have this Raid1 working as before? Do I need to update the mdadm.conf or is it enough just to mount the md0 drive the way it was before? I have now temporarily mounted it at /media/raiddrives.

While I am at it, I would like to post a different but somehow related question. Can I use my current Raid1 config if I where to setup only a Raspberry Pi Owncloud server with e.g. Ubuntu Core? What would be the optimal setup for a NAS using the existing Raid?


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