Objects (fingernails) won't parent properly to bones? Objects move?

by Skylar Thomas   Last Updated October 05, 2018 18:15 PM - source

Ok Im having some issues with separate objects (fingernails) that are moving around despite being weight painted and parented to the correct bone. See, they'll be in the right position when the larger mesh (body) is in one position, but some degrees off in another:

enter image description here

Then enter image description here

I believe its because the finger itself is weight painted not at full value of 1 to the last finger bone, while the nail is painted at weight 1 to the last finger bone and nothing else, but I still dont get why just parenting to the bone doesnt work.

How can I fix this/make fingernails always stay on top of finger? Tried doing union but the body has shape keys that I need, and boolean from nail creates a whole new mesh/not working.

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