Not Important bug found with 5 second comment warning?

by Troggy   Last Updated December 06, 2018 15:24 PM - source

This is not an important bug to fix, but just noticed it today. You normaly get the 5 seconds between comment vote warning when you try and vote for too many comments at once. I deleted two of my comments back to back on the same question and I got that same warning


You can replicate it by making two comments and then delete them both quickly.

Like I said, not important to fix anytime soon, but noted.

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Deleting a comment counts as a 'vote to delete'. That being said it only takes one vote, and your own.

Just to verify that I'm not lying, deleting a comment is

 VoteTypeId = 10 //(

Here is the list of vote types, where 10 is clearly marked as deletion. Normal up-votes have a type of 2. So the message is correct, you're limited to 1 vote every 5 seconds.

Ian Elliott
Ian Elliott
August 11, 2009 19:56 PM

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