Need help on buck boost converter i want to get built

by Prabhpreet Singh Aulakh   Last Updated December 06, 2018 15:25 PM - source

I want to build a motor speed controller PCB using an 18650 battery for input power and I need adjustable output 1-12 volts to run 21 volt, 2-4 watt DC brushed motor.

I tried mt3608 boost converter. I was able to adjust voltage to motor and the motor runs but when put a load on it the motor stopped. It doesn't have good torque even when I put voltage up to 18 volts.

In the beginning, the motor runs fine but when battery level go down motor starts running slow.

what can I change or add to PCB so it will provide constant power to motor even when batteries are low and motor just cuts off rather than slowing down?

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