My sourdough starter stopped growing after day two

by Neta Friedman   Last Updated April 16, 2018 05:17 AM - source

I've tried making my own sourdough starter. On the first day I added a cup of whole rye flour with 3/4 of cool filtered water. After 24 hours it already started smelling a little sour and had a few bubbles. I took 8 table spoon of the starter and added the same ingredients in the same amounts as the day before. This was at around 21:45 By morning (around 08:00) the starter was very bubbly and over flew the jar (which, admittedly was too small) and filled everything around it. The smell was quite strong and more sour. Can't say it was nice. In the evening I fed it again in the same way (in a bigger jar) but in the morning there was no change in volume and very few bubbles. The smell is still there though... According to the recipe I'm supposed to feed it twice a day now, but I'm not sure it's good. Any ideas?

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