My Joomla Template is loading my custom CSS using JS. Is there a way to add the unique version tag to my custom CSS? i.e: custom.css?20180101

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I normally just add my unique tag to the css path in the section of my html, but my template is adding my custom CSS via Javascript:

if (is_file(T3_TEMPLATE_PATH . '/css/custom.css')) {
$this->addStyleSheet(T3_TEMPLATE_URL . '/css/custom.css');

I tried adding the unique tag to the above, but it doesn't work:

if (is_file(T3_TEMPLATE_PATH . '/css/custom.css')) {
$this->addStyleSheet(T3_TEMPLATE_URL . '/css/custom.css?20180101');

I inspected my web page and it removes my unique tag:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href=".../css/custom.css">
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Adding a version query string to a stylesheet is super easy.

// You don't need to grab the document yourself, but I include it here for completeness.
$document = JFactory::getDocument();
$document->addStyleSheet('/templates/mytemplate/css/test.css',['version' => '123ABC']);

You can also specify the version value as 'auto' but as the value it uses doesn't automatically update when the css file us updated I think it is a bit useless for adding custom stylesheets. If your changing the css sheet a lot then it's common practice to you the filemtime timestamp of the css file as the version string.

Also note there is no javascript involved in your question, the template is adding the css via php, so you may wish to clean up your question slightly.

January 10, 2019 23:08 PM

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