Must I use CMS for SEO?

by user4757345   Last Updated January 12, 2018 20:04 PM

I am confused about CMS and SEO. I am developing a website with JSF. The website has a blog and other contents. My customer wanted from me to use WordPress as a CMS. he said that it is good for SEO. But I wrote an admin panel for him. blog entries can be added, deleted, changed or reversed by multiple users. Also I am checking web pages with Google Analytics and seo checkers like seositecheckup, semrush and fix my errors. I changed URL of blog entries to be SEO friendly. So do I need CMS really for SEO ? What will the CMS do more ?


I do not think my question is duplication. because I did not ask why CMS can be bad for SEO. I am asking do I need CMS after what I have done and if yes what will CMS do more ?

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