Move some contacts from MiAccount to Google Account

by tim   Last Updated August 13, 2019 11:11 AM - source

I messed something up it seems, and now I have 642 contacts in my GoogleAccount and ~420 contacts in my Mi Account. Most of those 420 Mi contacts are duplicates to my Google account, but some of those 420 Mi Contacts are def. missing in my Google account. But I don't know which :(

Now here comes the question: How to find all contacts which are in my Mi Account BUT which are missing (i.e.: not stored) in my Google Account? I want to copy them over to my Google Account so that my Google Account has the superset of all my contacts.

Afterwards I want to delete everything from my Mi Acc. So that only my Google Account remains and contains all my contacts.

Could you advise me how to do it? didn't find anything in the settings... Do I need to use an app?


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