Microsoft Exchange 2013 - remove-mailboxpermission - an inherited access control entery has been specified

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We have been using Exchange 2013 CU22 on Server 2012 R2.

I run this:

Remove-MailboxPermission "SharedMailbox" -User "User" -AccessRights FullAccess -InheritanceType All

I get this:

WARNING: An inherited access control entry has been specified: [Rights: CreateChild, Delete, ReadControl, WriteDacl, WriteOwner, ControlType: Allow]  and was ignored on o
bject "CN=SharedMailbox,DC=contoso,DC=com".

Get-MailboxPermission "SharedMailbox"

Result :

Identity             User                 AccessRights         IsInherited Deny 
--------             ----                 ------------         ----------- ---- Contoso\User              {FullAccess}         False       True 

Get-MailboxDatabase SharedDB | Get-ADPermission

Result :

Identity             User                 Deny  Inherited
--------             ----                 ----  ---------
SharedMailbox         Contoso\User      True  True
SharedMailbox         Contoso\User      False  True

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Blind

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