not return value I wanted

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I am attempt to get an address using And it's something error.


var rcAddr = "0x683d1602fa7252d49cda8ac414c1641a56e73d03";
var methodName = "Access Control";
var register = new web3.eth.Contract(rcAbi, rcAddr);
var accAddr = register.methods.getContractAddr(methodName).call({
    from: "0x70f99451d9878055ca8986021ca78f6edb8f1720",
    gas: 10000000


 function getContractAddr(string memory _methodName) public view returns (address _scAddress){
        bytes32 key = stringToBytes32(_methodName);
        _scAddress = lookupTable[key].scAddress;

I think I can get a address from function, but it's wrong. So I use console.log(accAddr) output the result.

Promise {
  _bitField: 0,
  _fulfillmentHandler0: undefined,
  _rejectionHandler0: undefined,
  _promise0: undefined,
  _receiver0: undefined }

It return something else. I'm confused. in document say

Promise returns Mixed: The return value(s) of the smart contract method. If it returns a single value, it’s returned as is. If it has multiple return values they are returned as an object with properties and indices:

So It should return the value but why not.

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