Memory Leak tool alternatives

by Jon Koelzer   Last Updated September 10, 2019 17:13 PM - source

I'm fairly certain I've squashed all memory leaks in my game engine; however, I would like the peace of mind that a good memory debugger like Dr. Memory or Valgrind provides.

The issue I'm running into seems to be that both the CRT debugger provided by MSVC and Dr. Memory are proving utterly useless. The kernel support for Dr. Memory appears out-of-date, shows uninitialized reads in nearly every dll accessed by SDL, and the leaks it points to are all false positives pointing to static variables, STL container allocations and for some reason boost lexical casts. Does anyone know of a tool that reliably reports memory leaks on windows? (And no, I can't use valgrind because I want to use anonymous unions which is an msvc extension)

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