Membrane keyboards circuit

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I study the different keyboard technologies and I have noticed that on membrane keyboards there are no diodes to prevent ghosting. From what I understand:

  • The switch are placed in such a way that some combinations (the most useful) are possible without ghosting
  • On the other hand, there are some critical combinations, which cause ghosting.
  • To avoid ghosting of critical combinations, the firmware stops ghosting by not transmitting the ghost key
  • This is why many keyboards do not exceed 2KRO.

Can you confirm if I just? ^^

So I looked for open source projects of this type of membrane keyboard but I didn't find anything. (Which doesn't surprise me, because there are a lot of disadvantages with membrane keyboards.) But I still thought I would find a keyboard that would take this type of circuit without diodes.

So, do you know where I can find this type of circuit, a matrix of switch without diodes for keyboard?

Thank you :)

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