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I typically use TeXShop as my editor, and like being able to quickly access custom templates when I create a new document. I'm going to be teaching a student of mine how to use LaTeX, but he can't use TeXShop. He uses ubuntu, and installed texmaker (we wanted an editor that I could easily install on my Mac so I could play around with it and help him troubleshoot).

I've taught a few students how to use LaTeX, and find that one effective way to do this is for them to start from a very basic template, then build a custom preamble that includes some useful packages (e.g., showing them how to install hyperref both gives them a useful package and shows them how to install packages). I also show them how to save this as their own custom template, helping them see how to customize their editor (typically TeXShop). This gives them confidence to play around and use the editor.

Here's my primary question: is there a way to create templates for texmaker? I can't see one, but perhaps I'm missing something. The closest I've gotten is creating a "texmaker template" folder and using the "New by copying an existing file". Maybe it's just a matter of getting used to it, but I don't find it as elegant or intuitive a solution.

Follow up question: are there other editors you might recommend we use? As I said, I'm a TeXShop user, but find most editors work just fine. I'm looking for something that we can both run (he's a ubuntu user), so when he emails me with questions I can use the same editor in case it's not a coding error.

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In TeXmaker under "User" menu, you have "User tags", you can edit them with "Edit user tags", they fit in full preamble.

When you have one saved, you can use it as template, just press shift+Fx

It have limit to 10 user tags, so I don't see way to create more templates. Also, usually you use those user tags for shorter things, so you will probably have space for just a few templates.

Either way, it's not so elegant as you would hope, but conviniet and better than creating folder with templates.

October 19, 2019 22:18 PM

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