Make unprotect make questions ineligible for further auto-protection

by ArtOfCode   Last Updated November 08, 2018 21:24 PM - source

When Community Wiki status is removed from a question, it makes that question ineligible to be automatically converted back to wiki status again. (Ignore the fact that auto-CW doesn't exist any more for a moment...)

This functionality should be extended to protection as well. Auto-protection does still exist, but manual unprotection doesn't disqualify a question from being auto-protected again, which can result in wars between moderators and the Community user protecting and unprotecting the question until the end of time the moderators get bored.

Can we make manual unprotection of a question make that question ineligible for further auto-protection? It should still be manually protectable, to avoid any edge-case abuse scenarios, but someone saying "this shouldn't be protected" should be enough of a signal for the system to respect that.

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