Magically sections and positions getting lost or deleted

by laendle   Last Updated October 17, 2019 04:10 AM - source


I have an issue on mutliple pages, which I cannot explain myself. All pages have in common that they use

  • gantry 5 based themes
  • nearly the same plugins
  • the magically disappearing section is
  • only happens if caching is activated
  • the section disappears after a short period of time after the cache clean operation (not immediately)

Since in the full width section I have only the revolution slider I am not sure if it is somehow connected to it. So I've created a second module as custom HTML and added it to the fullwidth section/postiion and even this part disappears.

Here only the differences of the working page html directly after the cache clean (left side of the compare) and the non working html after some hours of being online.

html header and full width section compared uncached and cached

and lower in the HTML

enter image description here

  • Any ideas how to track this issue down (debug)?
  • Even more interesting, how to fix this issue?

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