Lightroom 5: apply to focused in selection only

by MetalPhoenix   Last Updated May 30, 2015 22:07 PM - source

I was flying through my work-flow and my fingers got tangled up... I hit a key combo somehow and the behavior of applying things to the currently focused image in a group selected images changed.

Previously, if I had 5 images selected and wanted to reject just the one that I had focus on, hitting X would reject just that one.

Now, it's rejected all selected images.

This is really slowing down my workflow so how do I revert that behavior so that actions such as reject apply to only one photo out of a group of selected photos?

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The answer to this is that Auto-Sync was on. Turn it off and the behavior reverts. (

[Y]ou can use the menu bar: in Library go to Metadata menu and uncheck Enable Auto-Sync. In Develop, the Enable Auto-Sync option is in the Settings menu.

May 30, 2015 21:17 PM

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