Li-ion 3s Battery Charger with Load Sharing

by Daniel Hazeley   Last Updated March 14, 2019 20:25 PM - source

I am requesting help to create a battery charger and load sharing circuit with the following specifications:

  • 3s Lithium Ion battery
  • 12 V at 2 Amps to power TPA3128D2 Class-D Amplifier (this is for max volume. Possible to lower the voltage/current to accommodate design constraints)
  • 2.7 V at 50 mA, low noise to power STM32F4 microcontroller as well as external DAC and analog circuitry
  • Charging done via USB Micro-B port with USB 2.0 (5 V at 500 mA or 1.5 A)

I am currently considering this design:

  • Power Circuit Module to handle battery charging and balancing.
  • BQ25713 to handle the load sharing/power path management as well as 12 V boost converter
  • TPS62125 to output the 2.7 V from the BQ25713 power path
  • BQ24392 to handle USB charge detection/enumeration

I would appreciate any help on confirming or denying the viability of this design as well as any suggestions on any improvements that can be made for simplicity.

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