laptop keyboard not giving correct characters in Windows 10

by Peter B   Last Updated November 09, 2018 01:01 AM - source

I am borrowing a work laptop which runs Windows 10 Pro. I am in Australia. The keyboard does strange things for some characters, e.g.:

  • shift-3 gives the pound symbol instead of #
  • shift-2 gives " instead of @, and shift-single-quote gives @ instead of "
  • shift-backslash gives ~ instead of |

The last one is the worst because I can't find any way to make the | symbol, so I cannot do some bash shell commands I need.

Settings-Language says I am using English (United States), which I think is correct.

Settings-Devices-Typing-Advanced keyboard settings gives me only the choice between "English (Australia) United Kingdom" and "English (United States) United Kingdom". Either setting does the same thing. Or do I need to reboot after changing?

What else can I try to fix this?

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