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I bought a ZWave wall switch that looks like this :

zwave wall switch

Classy eh?

This wall switch responds to 4 actions for each of its buttons :

  • single press
  • double press
  • long press
  • release (not covered)

I therefore have 12 functions available for this wall switch. ZWave connection is not a problem.

I'd like to provide a way to show my non techie users which button does what when pressed somehow...

I'd use a model from what I have on my home's boiler but adding 12 functions grouped by type will take some place and be messy: boiler labels

(French column names on the left post-it : "still","blinking")

I am already aware that grouping functionalites is necessary for user remembering, for example

  • single press : alarm/security
  • double press : multimedia,...

Here are some actions I am thinking for this particular wall switch:

  • turn on alarm
  • SOS (sends me a SMS with "help" when pressed)
  • turn on the hifi system and play this particular playlist (can be multiples times)
  • I'm home!
  • go to sleep! (turn off hifi system, lights,...)
  • turn on multimedia computer server
  • ...

Is there a good/easy/simple way to label these buttons and their type of press matching with functionalities?

  • My users (wife and children) are non techie but they can read and are not colorblind (I am, but its okay since I design the system)
  • I can do anything in my house, and this wall switch will just be glued on the wall
  • I suppose pictograms will not need further description (for example music notes for "turn on the hifi system" is enough)

Thank you for your help!

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