JMeter: I need to handle dynamically changing ID in URL (Get request). ID will get change on every load (Ajax)

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Kindly suggest any way to extract those ID from JMeter.

Request URL: https://**********///?_=1570625406235

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If you're really looking for the way of extracting this the relevant regular expression would be =(\d+)

Demo (assumes RegExp Tester mode of the View Results Tree listener)

enter image description here

However this 1570625406235 looks like a Unix timestamp to me resulting into Wed Oct 09 14:50:06 CEST 2019 in my time zone therefore instead of trying to extract it I would recommend parameterizing it using __time() function which generates a current time in the Unix timestamp format

enter image description here

Check out Apache JMeter Functions - An Introduction article for more information on JMeter Functions concept.

Dmitri T
Dmitri T
October 09, 2019 14:43 PM

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