iterm2 issue : open new tab with keeping the same path of previous current tab - strange behavior

by youpilat13   Last Updated October 19, 2019 23:12 PM - source

I have switched from default terminal on MacOSs Mojave to iterm2. I have an issue about the opening of a new tab from the current tab.

Indeed, I would like to be in the same path than the previous current tab.

For this, I did the classical procedure, i.e to go to iterm2 preferences and Profile and choose Reuse previous session's directory for new tab :

enter image description here

Then, the issue is that once tab opened, all the other tabs are affected and change from their old path to the path of the new tab : I don't understand what happens and which option to use to prevent this behavior ?

I want to keep all the current path for all others tabs except for the new one which must be the same than the previous one from which I do a CMD+T.

Has anyone met this kind of issue ?


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