Isolate particles from fixed bed CT scan

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this is my first post, but as a silent reader I learned a lot, so first of all: Thank you, you are awesome!

I now have a problem, which I don't know if it belongs here, but I'll give it a shot:

For scientific researches my group did a CT scan of a tube filled with hundreds of hexagonial prisms (a so called 'fixed bed'). The goal is to compare this 'real world' filling with filling simulations done with Blender (works great btw ;) ). Unfortunately, the .stl-file provided by the CT scan lacks of 'resolution' (see the attached image): You can see the different pellets, but when you look at the contact points/edges/faces, you see that the surfaces bake together, which is not what we want. We want a closed surface for every single pellet (with empyt spaces between). A CT scanner with higher resolution might solve this problem, but I am curious if there is another solution based on software and smart people.

So long story short: Is there an algorithm/ workflow in Blender which can detect shapes and isolate them from each other? Or do you know another software which is more suitable?

I am grateful for every single idea! Cheers,

LeoCT scan: Fixed Bed

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