Is there any special tag for web master to crawler page

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My page is based on HTML and I need to subscribe for google webmaster and bing so on now how do i give short description about my page

So that it easy to crawler my page my page is full of html code and html tag using

<meta name="description" content=""/>` 

to describe about my page is that enough or still i need to add more special tag for crawler?

Because still google says can't find conten in your page still add more conten to your page

Please help me don't know what to do

Answers 2

This tool will help you generate meta tags for your site

Though, do you actually have any content on your site or is it a blank page?

You might want to consider adding content( images, paragraphs... etc).

April 10, 2015 17:57 PM

Do you want to be found on the web? Make use of Google Webmasters tool. Sign in to It will offer you with tools to help increase your site ranking.

In there, you can submit your site and provide link to your sitemap. The required meta will be generated for you to embed into your site header.


April 10, 2015 18:01 PM

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