Is there an alternative to sgame compatible with array?

by cfr   Last Updated October 19, 2019 23:23 PM - source

As noted in Christian Hupfer's answer, the package sgame is incompatible with array. Is there a more tolerant alternative for typesetting payoff matrices in game theory?




\begin{game}{2}{2}[You][Your partner][Prisoner's Dilemma]
    & Talk      & Quiet \\
    Talk  & $-10,-10$ & $-1,-20$ \\
    Quiet & $-20,-1$  & $-5,-5$ 


produces an error, as expected:

! Missing # inserted in alignment preamble.
<to be read again> 
l.26 ...{2}[You][Your partner][Prisoner's Dilemma]


Note that I realise I can do this without a dedicated package in any number of ways. I'm asking if somebody has already invented a wheel of the kind I seek.

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