Is there a GUI git client that works with OSX Mountain Lion and GitHub (TLS 1.2)

by nofish   Last Updated December 06, 2018 15:05 PM - source

Since GitHub removed support for TLS 1.1 (see here) SourceTree (an older 2.x version), my go to git client on OSX Mountain Lion stopped working (related unresolved thread here). Upgrading OS is not an option since I'm collaborating on an open source project which uses XCode 3.x to build, targets OSX 10.5 etc. so that would involve other problems.

So I'm looking for an alternative GUI git client (I admit I'm not very fond of learning git command line usage) that works with Mountain Lion (Snow Leopard, OSX 10.6 would probably also be ok) and GitHub (TLS 1.2).

Tags : github osx

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