Is there a drawback of setting a too high gas limit for a transaction?

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Say, I want to send a transaction that consumes around ~40,000 gas. Could I just set the gas limit of the transaction to 1 million or is there some disadvantage and I should set a more realistic gas limit? In the end I only pay for what was actually consumed, so a too high limit shouldn't matter, right?

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If the transaction executes your on-chain function, which you obviously have 100% confidence of for not spending an excessive amount of gas, then the only drawback is that the gas limit that you set may exceed the block gas limit, in which case your transaction will not be executed.

If the transaction executes someone else's on-chain function, whose gas consumption you are possibly unaware of, then another drawback is that it might cost you a lot more then you anticipate.

In short, the gas-limit parameter is designated in order for you to protect yourself when executing someone else's code.

May 15, 2019 16:13 PM

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