Is "value" Blend mode same as "luminosity" Blending mode from Photoshop?

by Artturi   Last Updated January 12, 2018 19:15 PM

I tried for so long to look info for this problem and found basically nothing. I am trying to adopt a technique from Photoshop to Blender to match the colors of 2 different scenes, but end up in the problem, that in Blender we don't have "luminosity".

In photoshop the technique in a nutshell: You have 2 scenes with a mask mixed together. Then you add over them a 50% gray layer with luminosity. That way you will get a color map of all the colors you have in the scene.

If you now add saturation to that output, you can clearly see the color differences from the different scenes and it is very easy to fix the colors from the other scene to match it with the other one. Then you can delete the neutral and saturation layers.

So I tried to do this in Blender and found out that we don't have "luminosity", so I am trying to look something that works a similar way.

Here is the technique in Photoshop explained very clearly:

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