Is it safe to execute "sudo reboot" on a Google Compute Engine instance?

by Jason Gu   Last Updated October 20, 2019 02:00 AM - source

I’ve been using Google Compute Engine for 2 months now, I have a bunch of stuff installed on it.

Just installed a new kernel, so a reboot is required. I'd like to know if sudo reboot is safe. Meaning a reboot will not wipe out everything installed on the instance?

Answers 2

There’s nothing different in running sudo reboot in a instance versus on your own server. This action shouldn't cause any problems.

October 08, 2014 21:25 PM

I believe the author was worried if the disk is persistent or not. Yes you can shutdown/start/reboot the instance and your data will persist.

April 27, 2016 14:24 PM

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