Is it possible to use wktToGeometry inversely?

by Carlos FTG   Last Updated June 12, 2019 07:22 AM - source

I am using wktToGeometry in order to transform the given coordinates in String format to Geometry and be saved in a DB.

Now I would like to do the inverse process, retrieve the coordinates from the DB in Geometry format and convert them to String, to be setted into a bean.

This is the code which converts String to Geometry:

public static GeometryEntity convertToGeometryEntity(NonGeometryEntity nonGeometry) throws ParseException {

    GeometryEntity geometryEntity = new GeometryEntity();

            UserEntity userEntity;




            return geometryEntity;


    public static Geometry wktToGeometry(String wellKnownText) throws ParseException {

            return new WKTReader().read(wellKnownText);

There is any method such as wktToGeometry to do what I want?

Tags : geometry java wkt

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