Is it OK to reject a client’s offer to exchange my photography service for his workshops vs getting paid money?

by Mandy   Last Updated September 06, 2019 09:18 AM - source

I approached a yoga teacher advertising his search for a photographer with an interest in yoga. I meet both criteria so I dropped him a note. He responded by offering complimentary access to his events and workshops. My schedule and mobility do not allow me to attend them. I responded mentioning this and said I would like to work with him but for my usual fee (which honestly is extremely reasonable). I now feel guilty that I may have missed an opportunity especially as I want to grow my expertise in yoga photography. What are your thoughts? Should I have just let this one slide and given him an exchange?

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This is fine. You have a usual fee for a reason. It's also okay to barter your services (ideally for something else of value, not "exposure"!), but there's no reason to feel guilty.

September 06, 2019 08:03 AM

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