Is it OK for SEO to create multiple pages that each use the main keyword but focus on different phrases?

by virepo   Last Updated October 16, 2019 11:04 AM - source

I won't give away my real target keywords here or what it is im trying to rank for. But this example lets say my company provides hairdressing & hairdressing training.
main keyword = Hairdressing
main keyword = Hairdressing Prices
main keyword = Hairdressing Training
main keyword = hairdressing In London
main keyword = hairdressing In Birmingham
main keyword = hairdressing In Manchester

So as you can see above, all of my keywords contain the same word "hairdressing". We also have 3 clinics based in London, Birmingham and Manchester. So a user will go to each of these pages to contact the specific clinic.

Is this good practise for SEO? Or will these pages compete for the keyword hairdressing and negatively impact me?

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