Is Drywall needed on exterior wall of Garage concrete block house 2 story house in Florida

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We have a home inspector(selling house) stating they want us to put up drywall on an exterior wall in the garage. I know its code for ceilings and the abutting walls to the interior, but do exterior walls need it?

Its a concrete wall with insulation strip on it.

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Drywall on the inside of an exterior wall has not been required in any of the states I have lived, it is required for fire protection on stick built, but a concrete block wall has the appropriate fire ratings and should require nothing. call your fire marshal to verify local code as far as I know drywall is not required on an interior wall even from a garage to living space with block walls and your fire marshal or fire department can verify this. I think your inspector is nuts.

Ed Beal
Ed Beal
May 15, 2019 13:53 PM

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