Inconsistent CapsuleCast/Collision behavior when an GameObject is selected

by g_b   Last Updated October 18, 2019 07:13 AM - source

My gameobject has a CapsuleCollider and I use CapsuleCast to check for horizontal collisions when moving horizontally so the gameobject won't pass thru obstacles. It works 100% of the time except when I select the gameobject in Hierarchy.

When I have the gameobject selected, whenever I try to bump a wall continuously, it shakes/jitters until it eventually goes thru the wall. But this only happens when I have the object selected in Hierarchy. If I click on the scene so that the object is not selected and do the exact same thing (bump a wall continuously), there is no shaking/jitter and it doesn't pass thru the wall no matter how long I bump it.

This passing in the wall when selected is also consistent. Hundred percent of the time it will pass thru when I have it selected (and does the shaking) and also hundred percent of the time it doesn't if I don't have the object selected. Shouldn't selecting an object don't have any effect on this? Please give me some ideas of why.

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