Include figure with path relative to graphicspath

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I am trying to insert figures that are deep in a folder structure. Unfortunately, I cannot directly include the directories that contain each of them, since there are multiple name clashes between figure names (see below).

I was wondering if I could include figures based on their relative path with respect to a folder that I have set in the \graphicspath?

Here's a (non-)working MWE. If you have a structure like

├── figures
│   ├── A
│   │   └── foo.png
│   └── B
│       └── foo.png

I would like to be able to do \includegraphics{A/foo} and not \includegraphics{figures/A/foo}, by e.g. adding figures to the graphicspath. This would look like



\author{Bar Baz}


\includegraphics{A/foo} ! Does not work
\includegraphics{B/foo} ! Does not work

\includegraphics{figures/A/foo} ! Works, but annoying 
\includegraphics{figures/B/foo} ! Works, but annoying


Is there a solution to this problem?

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