In MetaMask, I have my seed phrase but I didn't export my private keys. How do I recover my wallet?

by Matheus   Last Updated October 19, 2019 18:28 PM - source

So, I've been using MetaMask to try and everything went well. I've deposited a small sum and connected the app to the wallet. But a few weeks later I decided to deleted the chrome extension fearing any type of security threat as I am spending a lot of time in the internet.

But, to my surprise, deleting the extension and using the seed phrase to recover the account did not bring back the wallet I used for Compound Finance. I can still see that my address has the money I left there. But I just don't have access to this wallet anymore like I used to.

I've contacted MetaMask support e-mail for assistance over how to get access to the wallet back using my seed phrase. But they are taking a bit longer than expected to respond the emails. In other wallets, and other crypto projects, all you need is your seed phrase and you would be safe losing your password, your mobile deviced used for 2FA, and any other security resource. For this, I have only exported my seed phrase and not all the private keys for each wallet inside MetaMask.

But I was caught off guard with MetaMask. I thought having a seed phrase is everything I would need to get it back. Apparently it wasn't and I was looking for anyone who went through the same problem in order to figure out how they proceded.

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