In Google Sheets, how can paste a copied cell/value into several selected cells at once?

by Fabio Bracht   Last Updated August 10, 2018 00:03 AM - source

What I need to do is to first copy a cell (or the value of the cell), then select a number of other cells (not necessarily in a continuous range), then I want to paste that cell or value into all the selected cells at once.

What happens is the value gets pasted only into the first selected cell, and not to any of the others.

How can I do this?

I'm not super familiar with the intricacies of this product. I've tried searching, but maybe I'm not very good at it because I couldn't find anyone with the same problem exactly.

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Answers 1

method 1:

  • select desired cell
  • press SHIFT + ARROW KEY
  • and then CTRL + ENTER

method 2:

  • select desired cell
  • press CTRL + C
  • then select multiple cells where you want to paste by holding CTRL
  • press CTRL + V
    • or CTRL + SHIFT + V for values only
    • or CTRL + ALT + V for format only
    • for more options see image

August 09, 2018 23:39 PM

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