In Google Cloud's VM Instance Groups, how do I set a bandwidth and memory autoscale?

by Chemdream   Last Updated June 30, 2020 02:00 AM - source

In Google Cloud's console, not command line, I'm trying to create a RAM and network utilization autoscale trigger.

It's just a small 1GB RAM instance. If it reaches 800MB used RAM or 25Mb/sec network through put, another instance should load, and so on.

CPU and HTTP traffic is straight forward. But this is neither of those.

I see RAM_USED, but then the "gauge" metric is blank. So I don't know if it's asking me in bytes or percentages or what.

For network, I see bytes received and bytes sent. So I just picked received and put 3125000bytes. (I think that's 25mb?)

Does that seem correct? Meaning, as each instance's RAM or network fills up, it will load another one?

(I realize 25mb isn't that much. It's just a starting point...)

enter image description here

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