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I'm developing a "photo editor'sh" app. At the final stage, just before saving the outcome to the camera roll, I'm previewing the outcome to the user(With my own watermark), with two option:

1.Save Without watermark/tag

2.Save With watermark/tag

The main problem is that "With watermark",sounds positive while the "without watermark" sounds negative.While in the real use-case i want the user to click the option 1(without) - who trigger the In App Purchase window

Watermark sample :

enter image description here

Options sample(I've tried to change the text it self, but i don't think it got the desired effect):

In order to focus our problem on textual content only,I've added below a new screenshot of the options, in terms of design only(UI),not content.

enter image description here

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I agree with comment by @jazZRo to your previous question that it is better to include price to first button. Thus you can avoid user frustration by clearly showing the options. However, the decision is yours.

Possible wordings for the buttons:

  • Save pure image ($00.00)
  • Save pure ($00.00)
  • Save clean image ($00.00)
  • Save clean ($00.00)
  • Save tagged image (free)
  • Save tagged (free)
  • Save with watermark (free)
April 25, 2016 09:52 AM

You may want to consider an alternative solution entirely.

Allow your users to edit > save seamlessly. Keep the UX enjoyable and decision free i.e. don't risk confusing or annoying the user when it comes to saving a photo every time they do so.

What if a user doesn't understand what a watermark is for example?

Instead, just allow them to save away without any questions. As long as the preview clearly shows your watermark on the photo then they wont be surprised when it appears on the saved photo.

Now, after the photo has been saved away, you could direct them to a page or prompt within the app to 'inform' them that there is a way to save photos without a watermark. Then offer a link off to the in app purchase. I would even consider offering a 'Don't tell me again option' to this, and then clearly indicate where they can go to find the upgrade option if they change their mind in the future.

This way you don't interrupt their workflow of editing and saving with the 'upgrade' option.

It also allows them to save a few photos with your watermark on so that when they are told there is an option to get rid of this they will more likely understand what it is you are referring to and even be tempted because they have seen the effect of not having the upgrade.

Key points:

  • Let them experience the free option first so the upgrade makes sense
  • Ask to upgrade at appropriate times - don't interrupt basic workflow if not necessary
Dave Haigh
Dave Haigh
April 25, 2016 10:39 AM

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