IMPORTRANGE, where range shifts often, to different spreadsheet

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What I have: a client information spreadsheet that contains company information including their last order date following the status of their account (active/follow-up).

What I need: the last order date for each company to update on a different spreadsheet for a different team to view the information.

I have figured out how to import a range on one main spreadsheet to different spreadsheets that need this specific data. However, the main spreadsheet I am referring to, the column for the company often shifts which means that when we have inactive clients, we need to delete from the spreadsheet.

Example: Company A (column AA) last ordered 5/5/2019 (used IMPORTRANGE: Link(SPREADSHEET!AA8) Company B (column Y) last order 6/15/2018

We need to move Company B to inactive so we delete Company B. When deleting Company B, Company A moves to column Z which is not the same formula in the other spreadsheet.

Is there a way I can "fixate" the certain cell range to correlate their last order date with the company name without having to go in and search each company for the column letters to put into the formula.

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