IllegalLocationConstraintException on CloudFront (with S3)

by senty   Last Updated July 11, 2019 17:04 PM - source

I have created an S3 and I uploaded files on the bucket successfully. Now, I am trying to make it work with CloudFront however it is giving me


The ap-east-1 location constraint is incompatible for the region specific endpoint this request was sent to.

My S3 url is: (this returns me the file)

CloudFront is linked to the S3, and the url: (this returns me the IllegalLocationConstraintException)

In S3 bucket > Permissions >

"Block Public Access" is Off

"Bucket Policy" is auto-generated:

    "Version": "2008-10-17",
    "Id": "PolicyForCloudFrontPrivateContent",
    "Statement": [
            "Sid": "1",
            "Effect": "Allow",
            "Principal": {
                "AWS": "######"
            "Action": "s3:GetObject",
            "Resource": "arn:aws:s3:::my-bucket-name/*"

What am I doing wrong?

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