If $x,y \in X$, then $[x] \cap [y] =\emptyset$ or $[x]=[y]$ for $ [x]= \cap \lbrace A \in \mathcal{M} \:|\: x \in A \rbrace$.

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Let $X$ be a non empty set, and $(X, \mathcal{M})$ a measurable space. Then I define

$$ [x]= \cap \lbrace A \in \mathcal{M} \:|\: x \in A \rbrace$$.

At my class my teacher told us to prove that:

If $x,y \in X$, then $[x] \cap [y] =\emptyset$ or $[x]=[y]$.

I have just made a simple attempt to this as if $[x] \cap [y] =\emptyset$ we are done if $[x] \cap [y] \neq \emptyset$ but Im having issues to continue here as Im not sure how to express $u \in [x] \cap [y]$ in order to conclude $[x]=[y]$.

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