Idea: Using a Mediawiki XML file, is it possible to create a "Virtual Wiki" without uploading to a server?

by DrQuarius   Last Updated July 17, 2019 12:04 PM - source

i.e. Does anyone see fundamental road-blocks in developing a program that could take XML files as input and then create a browser-like interface in which a user could alter that XML file as though it were actually a wiki?

The idea would be (for example) useful if you had no server and wanted to: have an offline viewable copy of a wiki, or keep a private/personal wiki on a USB stick instead of paying for a server.

If virtually "altering" the wiki (in a virtual wiki-editor that actually just edits the XML) is too far, then at least a 'virtual-viewer' would seem reasonable to me? Preferably one that can imitate the hyper-links and categories, etc. (understandably, files/images are lost)

I am a wiki user, but only know the basics of web development. I appreciate your help.

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