I want my car to slip when hit but not to drift when driven

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problem: I want my car to slip when hit but not to drift when driven.

I've tried changing the car's wheel collider's friction values but it always resulted in no drifting/but very hard to move with another car, easy to move when hit/ but driving in it is like driving on ice, or no movement at all

I've also tried reading the documentation, but it seems like it doesn't apply to my problem or maybe I didn't understand it well since my understanding of math is comparable to a 15 year old. So what I undrestood is that there are two point on a graph where (force) is (y) and (slip) is (x)... those two points are extremum which is when force reaches a certain point in which the car starts slipping and asymptote which is the force required to maintain slip, please correct me if I was wrong. The problem with this is like I told you the car starts drifting when driven.

What I want is similar to gta, the cars in that game don't drift uncontrollably but when hitting other cars, those cars move easily without a problem.

Tags : unity c# physics

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