I tryed to unlock bootloader on fly nimbus 8

by Mihail HRS   Last Updated July 11, 2019 22:11 PM - source

My OS is majaro linux.
My phone is fly nimbus 8.

I tried to unlock bootloader on it.
I followed the instruction.
First I go to the Dev mod then enable OEM unlock and USB debugging.
Second I typed:

adb devices


List of devices attached
56090913288827  device

Then I typed:

adb reboot-bootloader

It became like this: enter image description here

Then I checked again:

fastboot devices


56090913288827  fastboot

It seems all works out good! But then I entered:

sudo fastboot oem unlock

And then nothing. I mean absolutely nothing: it does not throw an error, not answers, not completes.
By the way, the phone does the same - absolutely nothing!
I tried it already ten more times but it doesn't want to work!

Does anyone know what the problem?
Did somebody have the experience in flash the fly(in particular nimbus 8)?
I'll de be waiting for an answer!

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