I am installing a Honeywell Pro 2000

by Chad Michael   Last Updated October 09, 2019 15:21 PM - source

So, I have the green, white, blue and red wires coming in, but DO NOT have a yellow. There is a brown. I do have both regular gas heat, and AC. What terminal should the brown wire go? And should the red wire be hooked up to the R terminal or the RC terminal. Or should it be hooked to one, with a jumper. I have no way to get to my furnace, as it's an apartment. It's in a locked space between the two units. And no, I wasn't smart enough to trace where every wire went to the old manual White Rogers Square dumb box.. I DO have heat, that kicks on and works fine as intended... but the AC will not come on. HELLLPP!~! Yes it's could out, but it still should kick on right? The house is 70 degrees, so If i set it to cool 68 deg, It should come on... Thank you for any help today or soon!!!


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