htaccess problem with joomla and sef

by user1616338   Last Updated April 04, 2019 11:10 AM - source

I have the standard joomla .htaccess file installed.

The site is at 3.9.4 and works fine. The pages have no extra modules published other than joomla custom modules - nothing else is published.

When I upgraded from php 7.0.33 to php 7.2 the SEF breaks

The home page shows up fine and the links on it are pointing to the correct urls (i.e. no index.php in the URI)

Does anyone know what in the php upgrade might be affecting the SEF rewriting or where I could start debugging. The other pages (not home which works) just show ERROR and the server logs show 500 error.

When I downgrade to the 7.0.33 php it all works again so I'm assuming it's a php upgrade problem.


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