HP DL980 G7 doesn't recognize Nvidia Titan RTX

by MattDahEpic   Last Updated October 19, 2019 15:00 PM - source

I have been attempting to install a new Nvidia Titan RTX on a used HP DL980 G7 and the system won't post. The 7seg display on the board sits at 00 for a while then ends up on 40 for a minute or two then after two short beeps sits at either FE or 50 for at least a half hour, at which point I turned off the machine, reproduced a few times.

I am on the latest BIOS available and the POST codes document says two beeps means several things, the few of which relate to PCI devices say that the device might be incompatible, however I can't find a comparability list anywhere, but the Titan RTX was definitely released after the bios date on the machine, which leads me to believe that it is but my hunch says it's something else since I've installed graphics cards in systems with this much hardware disparity before.

Thank you!

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