How to write the transient analysis ltspice directive with a stop time and start saving data time?

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How to include 0.9m start saving data in spice directive?

.trans 1m

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Right click with the mouse on the text .trans 1m and change it in the dialog box as shown below.

The LTspice directive becomes .tran 0 1m .9m

Explanation of the preceeding zero:
The syntax is: .TRAN <Tstep> <Tstop> [Tstart [dTmax]] [modifiers]
If Tstart or dTmax is specified, Tstep must has to be specified as well. Tstep is the plotting increment for the waveforms but is also used as an initial step-size guess. LTspice uses waveform compression, so this parameter is of little value and can be omitted or set to zero.

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