How to use AVERAGE inside ARRAYFORMILA in google sheets

by Linda Linsefors   Last Updated January 20, 2018 14:03 PM

I want to use the ARRAYFORMULA version of

=AVERAGE(Linda!B3, Nandi!B3, David!B3, Remmelt!B3)

I want the cell to calculate the average value of the entries in that cell from the other tabs (Linda, Nandi, David, Remmelt). I need to use AVERAGE and not just sum and division, because I need to deal with the fact that not everyone will enter values in all cells.

I don't understand how ARRAYFORMULA relay works. So if someone can point me to a good explanation of that, this would be grate. I have only managed to use it for very simple things like =ARRAYFORMULA(Average!A:A) for directly copying all cell values in column A from one tab to another.

I tried using

=ARRAYFORMULA(AVERAGE(Linda!B3:B, Nandi!B3:B, David!B3:B, Remmelt!B3:B))

but then it average over all four columns, not just the four cells I want.


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